Case File

We have made a number legal documents available to the public in a series of downloadable packs.

CCRC Application

This dossier reflects developments up to November 2014 and includes:

  1. Mark’s first application to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) – August 2012
  2. Further submissions to the CCRC – December 2013
  3. The CCRC’s Provisional Statement of Reasons (PSR) – June 2014
  4. Defence response to the PSR – August 2014
  5. The CCRC’s Final Statement of Reasons (FSR) – October 2014
  6. Mark’s Formal Complaint to the CCRC – November 2014


HMRC Disclosure

This bundle contains details of proceedings in the High Court from April 2020, where Mark sought disclosure of data held by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs in relation to his father’s aliases and financial activities. It includes:

  1. The Order made by the Court for disclosure
  2. Full details of Samuel Alexander’s twelve aliases
  3. Mark’s evidence in support of his application
  4. Examples of Sami using various aliases and allegations of fraud


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