Marks movement’s September – December 2009

Mark’s movements (September – December 2009) have been meticulously accounted for using cell site analysis, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), taxi journals, and alibi evidence; as well as contemporaneous diary, social media, and calendar entries. Mark moved out of the family home on 5 September 2009 to be closer to university when the new term began. He spent nearly all of his time in London, but made a number of visits home either by car or by train (booking a taxi to and from the station). He did not stay overnight on any of these trips.

Mark met his father on 6 occasions following his relocation, their last encounter being on 15 October 2009. Thereafter, Sami didn’t appear to be at home. Mark didn’t visit again until a month later, on 17 November, when he discovered that progress had been made on an extensive root barrier / foundation shoring site. This prompted him to order concrete in line with long-established construction plans, the house being under ongoing renovation. Mark had no idea that anything had been hidden there. He made a return visit on 19 November to accept the delivery.

The prosecution insist that the burial could have taken place no earlier than November, and point to Mark’s trips in November as evidence of his responsibility. Yet Mark spent no more than 3 hours at the family home in November, and this simply wouldn’t have been long enough to carry out the crimes alleged. A team of geo-archaeologists have recently revisited the site and revealed the scale of the work involved. Even factoring in all of Mark’s trips home between September and November 2009 would not have given him enough time to carry out the burial, let alone a murder and subsequent cover-up.

A view of the family home from the rear drive, above, and of Mark’s penthouse flat in London (the balcony immediately to the left of the Peterborough Court building) from the street, below.

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