Music has been a large part of Mark’s life in prison and a source of real comfort and solace in an otherwise bleak environment. Here are some of the pieces his family have shared with us over the years.

‘Ordinary People’ (Cover) Live


‘Feeling Good’ (Cover) Live



Every Time You Smile (Original) A song written specially for the wedding of one of Mark’s friends


The Suppliant’s Song (A hymn written by Mark in prison – click here for sheet music and words)



Ivor Gurney – Severn Meadows (Part of Mark’s DipABRSM vocal recital) Exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall in September 2014


Gabriel Fauré – ‘Adieu’, No. 3 from ‘Poème d’un Jour’ (Part of Mark’s DipABRSM vocal recital) Exhibited at the Royal Festival Hall in September 2015


Mozart – Aria: ‘In diesen heil’gen hallen’ from ‘Die Zauberflöte’, Act 2 (Part of Mark’s DipABRSM vocal recital)


Gerald Finzi – ‘It was a lover and his lass’, No. 5 from ‘Let us Garlands Bring’ (Part of Mark’s DipABRSM vocal recital)


Mendellsohn – Aria: ‘Lord God of Abraham’ from ‘Elijah’, Part 1  (Part of Mark’s DipABRSM vocal recital)



‘I Feel Free’ (An original song written and performed by Mark in prison)


‘Falsely Imprisoned Blues’ (An original song written and performed by Mark in prison, inspired by Johnny Cash)


Chopin – Nocturne in B, Op. 32, No. 1 (Part of Mark’s Grade 8 Piano which he studied in prison)


Beethoven – 3rd movement from Sonata in Cm, Op. 13, Grande Sonate Pathétique (Part of Mark’s Grade 8 Piano which he studied in prison)



White Christmas (Cover)


Every time you Smile

You do, something to me, that I just, can’t explain;
But it’s alright, it’s alright, ‘Cos I want you to do it again.
You make, me feel, so happy, inside;
And that’s why, that’s why, I want you by my side.
Baby, I said baby, you mean everything to me;
Baby, I said baby, lovin’ you comes naturally.
Laying close to you, is all I wanna do,
‘Cos you make me feel so good,
Every time you smile, I lose it for a while,
You make me love you like I should.
No matter how far away,
You may just happen to be,
I’ll be holding on to the day,
When you’re right back here with me.
© Copyright 2015 Mark Alexander

I feel Free

There’s a fire in your eyes and in my heart,
That soothes the pain, while we are apart.
It’s not natural, to be alone,
And I promise you, one day I’ll be home.
And I feel free – when you touch me,
When I hold you – tightly in my arms.
I stare across, the horizon,
The sun sets, on another day.
And the colours that, linger in the sky,
– start to, fade away.
Destiny – calls me closer –
I see the future – in the stars
And I feel alive – when you kiss me,
When our bodies – intertwine as one.
Looking for, a sense of purpose in my life,
Some comfort in, adversity and strife.
The struggle to make it through, day by day,
Watching the best years, of your life fade away.
Make a wish – make it fast –
someday it – will come to pass
And I feel free – when you touch me
When your skin – glides across my own
Sweeter memories, that linger in my mind,
Distract me from, the corruption of mankind.
We lost ourselves, in harmonies of love,
Looking back, upon those days,
it’s you I’m thinking of.
But I feel alive – when you kiss me
When our bodies – intertwine as one.
© Copyright 2013 Mark Alexander 

Falsely Imprisoned Blues
I can’t believe I’m spending, Another night in jail.
They don’t think I’ll make it, But I ain’t gonna fail.
Carry on without me, Carry on your own.
I’ll hold the fort without you, Now I’m all alone.
You don’t need to worry, About a single thing,
No need to say you’re sorry, When I give you a ring.
Just carry on without me, You’ll make it on your own.
I’ll take the pain for both of us, Until my time is done.
I wake up in the morning, And see that iron door,
I wonder if I’m dreaming, I’m not sure, I can take much more.
But carry on without me, I’ll join you later on.
Keep the party going, Make sure you’re having fun.
I’m waiting on my lawyer, To get me out of here,
Fresh investigation shows things aren’t as they appear.
So, carry on without me, We’re doing all we can,
Eventually they’ll realise they convicted the wrong man.
I take comfort in my friends, And the letters that they write,
and visits from my family, They’re keeping up the fight.
 “We won’t, carry on without you”, “Don’t you worry son”.
“We’re fighting for your freedom”, “You’re not the only one”.
Lookin’ outta my window there’s barbed wire on the wall.
They can take away my liberty, But they can’t take away my soul.
Carry on without me, No need to compromise.
Live, your life, to the full, True love never dies.
© Copyright 2015 Mark Alexander

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  1. Oh Mark, love your music and lyrics! It’s and honour and privilege to make music with you once a month, and without doubt, a highlight in the month, especially as it honours and glorifies God. You will no doubt know the story of Joseph, in Genesis 39 – 50, if not, get stuck into it, it’s anazing! Joseph was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, but we read again and again, “The Lord with Joseph”, so may the God of Joseph continue be The God of Mark, and bless you abundantly, as He did Joseph. Love and blessings, tim

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