Mark’s moving and deeply personal account of his first year in prison, taken from his 2010 – 2011 diary.

“It’s hard to know where to start when I reflect on my experience of prison and this tragedy. There are so many conflicting ideas and emotions associated with this place; I think it reflects the ongoing turmoil and unsettling nature of an institution with so many complex facets. It’s been a long journey, through the worst year of my life. Usually I’d try to look for a little perspective, to step back and take in the ‘bigger picture’ whenever I felt things were getting me down. It was easy before, but I can’t really do that now, because there is no bigger picture. Everything that I loved and knew has been torn from my reach, and I find myself asking why? How could this happen?

I want to share with you what I have shared with many of my friends. After all, how can we know a man, less still be his judge, if we do not know something of his principles, his passions, his philosophy and driving force? I hope these pages will go some way toward raising awareness of my plight and the reality of this case. It is impossible to relate everything; this dossier is meant to give but an insight into my life, and thousands of pages of statements and reports. I hope you find all the answers here, but I am not a closed book. People sometimes worry about what is ‘okay’ to talk about with me, please feel comfortable enough to let all that go and ask me anything you feel like, there is nothing you can’t say.”

Part I – Imprisonment


Part II – Accusation

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