Mark Alexander finds himself in very tragic circumstances, having been wrongly convicted of his father’s murder in 2010 – while he was still at university. Mark has always maintained his innocence and both sides of his family support calls for his conviction to be overturned. We are extremely concerned that Mark was found guilty on the basis of doubt created about his version of events rather than any evidence of his involvement in a murder. No such evidence exists. There is no known cause, or date, of death – and there were no traces of DNA, blood, or even fingerprints linking Mark to the crime. Significant questions remain unanswered too about his father’s lifestyle. Those of us who know Mark, or have met him even once, will appreciate the absurdity of this situation; the weakness of the prosecution, and how the jury were misled during the trial.

Daily Mirror Article - 14 May 2019

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Having spent almost a decade in prison for a murder he did not commit, Mark is being doubly-punished for having passed-up a charge bargain that would have seen him freed many years ago on manslaughter. Plenty of new evidence has since been discovered, yet he still languishes needlessly in prison. Every day he is forced to wait is another day of his life wasted. His family just want him safely home. Mark needs every bit of your support in his grueling struggle for freedom. Join us as we follow his progress, raise awareness of his plight, and make a stand against this grave miscarriage of justice.

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Terry Waite CBE

I am disturbed by the conviction of Mark as I find it difficult to believe that a complete forensic examination was conducted before the jury found him guilty by a majority verdict. It was pointed out by the Judge in his summing-up that the evidence was circumstantial, but even so he was convicted and sentenced. A forensic investigation of the site was conducted by a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Geologist in 2017. This examination ought to have been conducted before the trial, but for reasons unknown to me it was not. Given that the site had been excavated by the police when searching for the body and afterwards refilled it was not possible for the expert to be totally certain about the dates when the different levels of concrete were laid. However, his conclusions, which are fully recorded in his report, suggest that the top level of concrete could not have been laid by Mark Alexander. The report raises in my mind a reasonable doubt as to the safety of this conviction.

Rt. Hon. Mark Field (former MP for Cities of London and Westminster)

I am supportive of Mr Alexander receiving a re-trial in light of the lack of conclusive evidence.

The Steeple Times

Now, with new evidence available, we join those asking, “could Mark Alexander have actually been wrongly convicted of the murder of his father?

PPMI (Progressing Prisoners Maintaining Innocence)

Another example of typical factors in a wrongful conviction: no forensic evidence, impossible time frame for the crime to be committed, witness put off by the police, important witnesses not interviewed, lurid allegations in the Press published before they could be countered, all racked up by such sad personal circumstances.

SAFARI (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information)

This is a case which clearly requires a thorough investigation to find the real perpetrator. There is obviously very serious doubt as to whether this crime was committed by Mark.

Other supporters include: Rev’d Canon Grant Fellows, Rt. Rev’d Bishop Tim Stevens.

3 Responses

  1. val buckingham says:

    This is the worst error of Justice and Mark has lost so much of his life. He has continued to study and better his education but what he needs now is to have his sentence overturned and to be FREE. Such a waste of a life

  2. Lee Rose says:

    Yet again another massive miscarriage of justice and somebody has their life torn apart by our incompetent justice system… Mark has always maintained his innocence and so with lack of any DNA or forensic evidence surely this is an unsafe conviction and needs to be corrected. Far too often this has happened and then criticism appears for not taking a bargain for a lesser sentence. Its time our justice system did what it was supposed to do, instead of taking away an innocent persons life and liberty. FreeMarkAlexander and put right the Terrible mistake that was made.

  3. Antonia Petridou says:


    I am a postgraduate student of Criminology and Criminal Psychology, I have finished my degree on Criminology, and I must admit that this case has deeply saddened me. Based on my knowledge about criminal investigations, I am still so confused as to how is Mark still in prison. First of all, innocent until proven guilty was definitely not applied in this case. If a case lacks of evidence to support and prove that the convicted individual is guilty then my question is why the criminal justice system still tolerates this miscarriage of justice? By the time new evidence had been found to show that really there are and were not enough evidence to convict someone of murder then Mark’s convictions should have definitely been overturned until all evidence prove Mark committed the crime with no reasonable doubt. A grossly police malpractice has occurred in this case, over-reliance on evidence given by an expert witness – entomologist – ignoring all the important evidence.

    I could talk for hours about this case. It is a big betrayal by the criminal justice system towards the public.

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