Early years
1959 Sami studies at Trinity College Dublin
1962 Sami returns to Egypt
1967 Sami awarded MA at American University of Cairo
1968 Sami leaves Egypt for London without telling family
1977 Sami studies at University of London
1988 Sami moves into 2 Prospect Close, Drayton Parslow
2004 April Sami granted permission to fell lime trees behind garage
2004 September Mark moves out to board at Rugby School
2006 August Mark moves into studio apartment in Winchester
2007 July Sami begins to receive allowance for private care
2007 August Mark moves back into family home to care for Sami during illness
2007 October Mark embarks upon a law degree at King’s College London
2008 May Sami undergoes colostomy operation
2008 November Sami falls out with his sister and ignores her calls for months
2008 December Mark introduces his girlfriend to Sami at the family home, where she stays for several nights.
February 24 First entry in Sami’s diary, followed by sporadic entries.
March 9 Occupational therapy close Sami’s file due to his lack of response
23 Sami prints off maps and directions to the Coptic church in London
June 18 Sami orders more bricks and building materials
July 4 Mark visits Paris with Sami to enrol at the Sorbonne
12 Mark goes on holiday with his girlfriend for a fortnight
August 6 Mark receives disappointing exam results
13 Sami refuses to allow district nurse into his home
15 Mark starts to view apartments in London
17 Mark puts holding deposit down on Fleet Street apartment
20 Sami fails to attend hospital appointment
26 Mark pays £1000 rental deposit for Fleet Street apartment
27 Mark transfers £2500 to Sami for apartment rent
Sami is seen laying bricks and gardening
30 Sami tells neighbours he “wasn’t really up for having visitors”
31 Mark packs bags in anticipation of his girlfriend’s arrival
September 1 Mark’s girlfriend’s flight is delayed
5 Mark signs contract with letting agent.
Prosecution allege Sami is killed on this day.
8 New evidence shows Sami had meeting with private care allowance assessors, 3 days after the prosecution claim he died.
20 Neighbour (SP) walks over to Sami’s garden and notices his plants have already been watered.
October 8 Sami pays electricity bill
11 / 18 Neighbour (TM) sees Sami on his front drive
13 Notices warning villagers about “suspicious activity” in the area and to “be on your guard” distributed.
15 Mark visits family home. This is the last time he sees his father alive. We believe Sami was killed at some point during the next 30 days, while Mark was in London.
November 17 Mark visits family home and notices work on the garage site where the lime trees used to be has progressed according to Sami’s plans. This spurs Mark to order the concrete required to complete the root-barrier / shoring.
19 Mark returns to the family home to direct the concrete truck delivery.
January 11 Mark returns from overseas with his girlfriend to discover water leak and a deserted 2 Prospect Close.
14 Mark gives plumber and renovators spare keys to the family home.
February 4 Sami reported missing by neighbours.
5 Social services inform Mark for the first time that they do not know where his father is. Mark is arrested later that evening.
10 Police Scenes of Crime Officers recover Sami’s body, but fail to store geological samples in polythene bags, making it impossible for the defence to test when the burial actually occurred.
April 27 Police prevent Mark attending his father’s funeral.
May 28 Prosecution experts confirm Sami’s body was not dismembered.
June 21 Mark reunited with his estranged mother after more than 10 years.
22 Court refuses to give Mark’s defence team more time to prepare their case.
29 Police commission Buckinghamshire County Council to conduct a Serious Case Review into Sami’s care, but fail to notify the defence.
July 27 Mark’s trial begins.
September 8 Mark is found guilty of murder by a majority (10 – 2) jury after more than 13 hours of deliberation.
Post-Trial years
2011 June Mark loses appeal on procedural technicalities. No fresh evidence was available to put before the Court at this point.
2013 July Mark takes his Grade 8 Piano exam in prison.
2014 July Mark is awarded the Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (DipABRSM) for Music Performance, following a baritone recital.
October The Criminal Cases Review Commission opt not to refer Mark’s first application to the Court of Appeal, despite fresh evidence.
2017 November Mark graduates with a 2:1 – LLB (Hons) degree
2018 May Mark meets his maternal half-sister for the first time