All the latest developments and news from Mark’s campaign and life in prison, as we follow his journey from accusation to exoneration.

The Many Lives of Samuel Alexander

June 2, 2020The Many Lives of Samuel Alexander
Born in 1939, Samuel grew up in Egypt while it was still a British protectorate. His family worked in medicine and pharmaceuticals, but faced real poverty. After moving from Alexandria to Cairo, they lived in an apartment block without electricity ...

Open Letter to the Lord Chancellor – Rt. Hon. David Gauke

June 15, 2018Open Letter to the Lord Chancellor – Rt. Hon. David Gauke
Mark and his family would like to thank everyone who supported their petition to the Lord Chancellor, Rt. Hon. David Gauke MP (below). Unfortunately, the Ministry of Justice has not granted the media access to interview Mark in prison. They ...

The Suppliant’s Song – a Hymn written in prison

May 15, 2018
  Mark’s faith has been an important source of strength for him in prison. Many have been moved by Mark’s music in Church, where he plays the piano and violin for the weekly services. Mark wrote this special prayer for the ...

Ministry of Justice Press Office refuses journalist access

September 20, 2017
Letter to the Head of News, External Communications Dear Madame,  Thank you for your letter of 31 August. I appreciate you giving our request some consideration. I must say, I was extremely surprised by the Ministry’s response given the length of time ...

Mark issues statement regarding CCRC’s refusal to refer his case

April 2, 2015
In 2015, the CCRC opted not to refer our first application to the Court of Appeal In spite of the new evidence we presented to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), it has decided not to refer my case to the ...

CCRC response to formal complaint

March 25, 2015
This was the CCRC’s formal response to Mark’s complaint, following their decision not to refer his case to the Court of Appeal. You can read Mark’s reaction here.

DipABRSM – Baritone Singing Diploma

July 23, 2014DipABRSM - Baritone Singing Diploma
Mark studied for his Diploma in Music Performance (DipABRSM) whilst in prison, achieving a Merit. He was the first person to have ever attempted an exam at this level in prison. On a sunny afternoon in July, two examiners from ...

Grade 8 Piano Certificate

June 1, 2013Grade 8 Piano Certificate
After a year of study, Mark sat his grade 8 piano exam in prison, passing with Merit. Two diplomas and two degrees later, Mark is still looking for ways to stretch himself, and defy the apparent limitations of his circumstances. ...

Serious Case Review reveals truth behind Sami’s behaviour

January 18, 2012
This is an executive summary (not the full report) of the original 34-page Serious Case Review (SCR) commissioned by the police in March 2010, and conducted by Buckinghamshire County Council (pdf below). Three of the police officers involved in Mark’s ...

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