Fresh evidence

Wrongful Convictions and Bad Juries – ‘Lurking Doubt’ in the Court of Appeal

Reading Time: 8 minutes Proving your innocence in most cases requires finding some ‘fresh evidence’ that wasn’t available at your original trial, a challenge that stops many a wrongly convicted person in their tracks. Unless you are one of the lucky few able to acquire pro bono support, conducting a private investigation from behind...

Mark issues statement regarding CCRC’s refusal to refer his case

Reading Time: 6 minutes In 2015, the CCRC opted not to refer our first application to the Court of Appeal In spite of the new evidence we presented to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), it has decided not to refer my case to the Court of Appeal. This is because the CCRC do...

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CCRC response to formal complaint

Reading Time: < 1 minute This was the CCRC’s formal response to Mark’s complaint, following their decision not to refer his case to the Court of Appeal. You can read Mark’s reaction here.